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Profilan Opac Any Tinted Colour

Profilan Opac Any Tinted Colour

We can tint Profilan Opac to virtually any colour from any colour chart.

Please phone us on 01745 342342 or email us to choose your desired colour.

Profilan Opac is a waterborne microporous paint which reduces the risk of flaking and blistering associated with traditional coatings. High weather resistance, high covering capacity. For wood and other materials. Does not contain biocidal components.
Ideal for all exterior wood surfaces, e.g. windows, doors, fascia boards, soffits and cladding, etc. Also suitable for wood used inside. After appropriate pre-treatment can also be used for walls, plaster, concrete, hard-PVC, zinc and galvanised steel.

Colour Charts

Weather-resistant, water-thinnable, light-resistant, age-resistant, high covering capacity. Resistant to scouring and to all normal household cleaners. Good adherence on sound previous coats

Sufficiently block-resistant to be used on windows and doors.

Weak odour, odourless when dry.

Application Method
Brushing, rolling, spraying.

Application Rate
200-250 ml/sq.m. (2 coats).

90-100 microns wet film thickness per coat.