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International Interprotect

International Interprotect

International Interprotect is a high performance two-component epoxy primer formulated for use with high performance paint schemes on all rigid substrates.

Data Sheet

International Interprotect is a quick drying, easy to apply two-pack epoxy primer for high performance protection on all rigid substrates.

It's two-component application gives excellent anti-corrosive and abrasion resistance properties and it can be used equally above or below the waterline.

Coverage: 6m2/750ml 20.3m2/2.5lt

Application Details for Interprotect

Area Above and below the waterline
Finish/Sheen Matt
Converter/Curing YPA404 / YPA402
Thinner: YXA110 / YXA440 / YTA061
Number of Coats: 1-5 by brush/roller depending on substrate and use
Method of application: Brush / Roller
Available Shades: View colour chart and sales codes
Pack sizes: 750 ml / 2.5 Lt / 5 Lt