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International Pre-Kote

International Pre-Kote

International Pre-Kote is an undercoat for use with International 1-part finishes and deck paints. Excellent opacity allows for easy colour changing. The tough, flexible resins are long lasting, easy to apply and rub down, giving a smooth base for the finishing coat. Suitable for all primed wood, steel, alloy or GRP.

Data Sheet

Undercoat for Toplac, Brightside and Interlux Super. Pre-Kote is easy to apply and the excellent obliteration characteristics means easy colour changing. Pre-Kote is designed around tough, flexible resins which means it is long lasting and easy to apply and rub down. It provides a smooth base for the finishing coat.

Pre-Kote is suitable for all suitably primed wood, steel, alloy and GRP surfaces.

Not suitable for permanently immersed areas.

Application Details for Pre-Kote

Finish/Sheen Low sheen
Thinner: YTA800 / YTA063
Number of Coats: 1-2
Method of application: Brush / Roller / Airless Spray / Conventional Spray
Available Shades: View colour chart and sales codes
Pack sizes: 750 ml / 375 ml (some colours only) / 2.5 Lt (some colours only)
Suitable for high speed craft? NO