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International Schooner Varnish

International Schooner Varnish

International Schooner Varnish is a traditional tung-oil based gloss yacht varnish for classic yachts. Suitable for use on all types of wood including oily timbers such as Teak and
Iroko. It contains UV filters to screen the sun's damaging rays for remarkable durability.

Data Sheet

A traditional tung oil based yacht varnish for classic yachts, suitable for all internal and external wood. Schooner's high performance formulation contains UV absorbers for a long lasting finish and its easy brush characteristics give it a deep, rich gloss.

Coverage: 10.5m2/750ml 35m2/2.5lt

Application Details for Schooner

Area Above the waterline
Finish/Sheen High Gloss
Thinner: YTA085 / YTA333
Number of Coats: Previously varnished wood: 2-4 coats.
Method of application: Brush / Roller / Airless Spray / Conventional Spray