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Owatrol Oil

Owatrol Oil

Owatrol Oil is a penetrating rust inhibitor
Stops rust and protects the base metal from further rusting
Penetrates and protects down to the sound metal.
Drives out moisture and air and stabilises
Leaves a bonding film on all surfaces
Excellent adhesion including on galva, alu, zinc, wood ...
Maintains the natural look of the surface (metal, wood, etc.)
Enhanced adhesion, ideal foundation for primers or finishing coats.
Allows paint to be applied direct to firm rust.
Heat resistance up to +175°C

Data Sheet

Paint Conditioner
Makes alkyd paint rust inhibiting
Improved paint flow and workability
Better viscosity which allows painting to be carried out in cold, warm or windy conditions.
Replaces damaging thinners; improves hiding power of paint.
Wood impregnation
Deeply penetrates and seals wood.
Protects metal parts.