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Rust Treatments

Rust Treatments - Owatrol Oil, CIP, Konvertex and Kurust
Owatrol Oil

Owatrol Oil

Owatrol Oil is a penetrating rust inhibitor
Stops rust and protects the base metal from further rusting
Penetrates and protects down to the sound metal.
Drives out moisture and air and stabilises
Leaves a bonding film on all surfaces
Excellent adhesion including on galva, alu, zinc, wood ...
Maintains the natural look of the surface (metal, wood, etc.)
Enhanced adhesion, ideal foundation for primers or finishing coats.
Allows paint to be applied direct to firm rust.
Heat resistance up to +175°C

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Hammerite Kurust

Hammerite Kurust

Hammerite Kurust transforms rust to a sound surface in 15 minutes. Ideal for small areas of rust, stone chips and scratches. Kurust rust paint is available in a 250ml bottle.
5Ltr Konvertex Rust Converting Primer

5Ltr Konvertex Rust Converting Primer

Price: 55.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Konvertex Rust Converting Primer is a single pack water thinnable rust converting primer using a high quality acid tolerant modified acrylic copolymer binder and a tannin based chelating agent. Konvertex converts sound or firm rust into a stable substrate that resists further surface oxidation. Konvertex has the benefits of being fast drying, water based, limited fire hazard, it can be overcoated with most single pack coatings, reduces the amount of surface preparation, therefore saving time.